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Academic Writer—APA’s essential teaching resource for higher education instructors

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Robinson, K. (2021, January 22). Academic Writer— APA’s essential teaching resource for higher education instructors. APA Style.

Academic Writer—APA’s essential teaching resource for higher education educators

When discussing students’ APA Style writing skills, APA staff have heard the same thing from many educators: “I spend a lot of class time covering the basics of APA Style.” We hear you and are happy to offer a solution that saves you valuable instruction time and supports your students’ learning, research, and writing!

What is Academic Writer®?

Academic Writer is APA’s complete digital environment for teaching and mastering the process of scholarly writing. Using Academic Writer’s advanced authoring technology and digital learning tools, students take a hands-on approach to learning the research and writing process. Academic Writer is the perfect companion to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.), reflecting best practices in writing and publishing. This revolutionary resource integrates seamlessly into any major learning management system (LMS).

How does Academic Writer work?

Academic Writer includes three separate, but integrated, centers for teaching and learning research and writing skills.

  • The Learning Center offers interactive quick guides and tutorials with built-in knowledge checks, plus summative assessments that educators can assign through their LMS to evaluate students’ understanding of topics ranging from bias-free language and writing style to citing sources, references, and more.
  • The Reference Center offers customized forms for more than 120 reference types, along with access to preformatted references from databases like APA PsycInfo®.
  • The Writing Center is a structured and collaborative environment that provides guidance and templates for scholarly writing.

How does Academic Writer help educators?

Academic Writer offers a robust digital library of interactive quick guides and tutorials; sample papers, tables, figures, and references; reference templates; and more to supplement course content. It helps you support students who have questions about how to conduct research, structure their papers, and format what they write. Students can search the Learning Center to find answers to common APA Style questions on their own. Thus, using Academic Writer gives you the freedom to focus on teaching your core discipline.

How does Academic Writer help students?

In this digital environment, students work at their own pace and develop their own approach to learning APA Style. Academic Writer reduces students’ cognitive load and allows them to focus on the content of their writing. For example, the Writing Center includes tools for automatically formatting APA Style headings, citing personal communications, and checking that all references have been cited. Sign up to download and read about how students at Lehigh Carbon Community College established a strong writing foundation using Academic Writer.

How can educators find out more about Academic Writer?

You have options! Use one, two, or all three!

  • Request a free 60-day educator trial of Academic Writer today. Once your educator status is verified, you’ll receive access to your free trial.
  • Contact your APA Partnership Manager. Interested in scheduling a personalized demo of Academic Writer? Have questions about implementation and pricing? Your APA Partnership Manager can help.
  • Check out the latest Academic Writer webinars, available on demand. You’ll see demonstrations of Academic Writer, hear answers to common questions, and learn about implementing this resource in your course.

Stay connected with Academic Writer on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest product updates, upcoming webinars, giveaways, and more.

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