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Buyer beware: Counterfeit copies steal your style

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APA Style Team. (2021, April 19). Buyer beware: Counterfeit copies steal your style. APA Style.

Buyer beware: Counterfeit copies steal your style

A number of astute readers have alerted us that counterfeit copies of the Publication Manual are being sold online. These counterfeit copies exist in paperback, hardcover, and spiral-bound versions. All contain errors in presentation and/or content. Unfortunately, counterfeiting has become a problem faced by many publishers of textbooks and other academic works.

The counterfeits are of inferior quality and include many mistakes or misrepresentations of APA Style that are not present in official APA printings of the manual. These errors not only confuse writers, instructors, researchers, students, and others who are familiar with or are learning APA Style but also undermine the integrity of research and other academic writing.

If you are planning to purchase the Publication Manual (7th ed.), the Concise Guide to APA Style (7th ed.), or another APA Style book online, we strongly recommend purchasing from the APA Style website, one of the other official vendors linked on the Publication Manual product page, or Bookshop or IndieBound to support independent bookstores.

Doing so avoids the risk of receiving a counterfeit copy, because books purchased directly from APA are guaranteed to be authentic.

We are currently investigating the source of these error-laden counterfeit copies. We have received reports of counterfeits purchased from third-party merchants operating on the Amazon (U.S., Canada, and Australia), eBay, and Etsy marketplaces. If you purchase through these channels, carefully check the name and geographic location of the seller, as many of the merchants selling counterfeits are located overseas.

When you receive your book, look for tell-tale signs of it being a counterfeit copy. You can find pictures of representative errors in counterfeit copies that customers have supplied to us in the counterfeit identification guide.

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit copy of the manual or if you have identified an online listing you suspect may be for a counterfeit copy, please email Stop Piracy.

Thank you to those who have alerted us to these issues! We value our readers and want to ensure that everyone who purchases the Publication Manual and other APA Style books receives authentic copies.