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Fall 2022 resources for students of APA Style

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Lee, C. (2022, October 24). Fall 2022 resources for students of APA Style. APA Style.

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It’s fall, which means many students are back to school and writing their first papers of the year in APA Style. This post includes up-to-date student-friendly instructional resources about APA Style for easy reference.

New! The updated student workbook for learning APA Style

The style team is excited to share updates to the Mastering APA Style Student Workbook, Seventh Edition. This digital workbook—the official interactive guide to learning APA Style—includes not only more than 1,000 interactive, formative practice questions but now also 28 graded summative quizzes and a glossary of relevant terms.

Instructors who adopt the workbook for their course can integrate the workbook into their learning management system, customize quiz content, and export quiz grades to their gradebook.

Everyone can try the student workbook for free today—including some quiz questions.

Free resources on the APA Style website

A wealth of information about APA Style is available on the APA Style website for free. Here are a few highlights:

Free tutorials, webinars, handouts, and guides

For a more immersive experience in learning APA Style for free, check out previously recorded tutorials and webinars as well as our free instructional aids, which are handouts and guides for classroom or personal use. Here are a few highlights from those categories:

Style products available for purchase

APA offers its APA Style products in a variety of formats to suit different learning needs.

Instructors who require these style products for their university courses through course adoption can also receive free desk or exam copies—request yours today.

Call for APA Style resources

Many of our handouts and guides originated with professors who graciously shared them with APA and allowed us to make them available to everyone for free. If you have created APA Style resources and would like to share them, please contact the style team.