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Happy Halloween!

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McAdoo, T. (2022, October 31). Happy Halloween! APA Style.

Happy Halloween!

Do you have questions about APA Style? Don’t be afraid to ask! We’re lurking on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and APA Style Expert email, and maybe even in the comments below!

And, we’re not scared to admit that we have some questions for you:

  • Students and authors: What parts of APA Style do you find most spine-tinglingly difficult to remember?
  • Instructors: What aspects of APA Style are most difficult to teach? What fiendishly clever methods have you developed to teach APA Style?
  • Copyeditors: What parts of APA Style do you find most devilishly challenging to implement? What seemingly ghosted topics do you wish were included in the guidelines?

While we await your comments, please enjoy this frighteningly random collection of references, demonstrating the reference format for movies, books, journal articles, illustrated children’s books, and songs:

Fletcher, A. (Director). (2022). Hocus pocus 2 [Film]. Weimaraner Republic Pictures; Walt Disney Pictures; David Kirschner Productions.

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Kelly, S., & Riach, K. (2020). Halloween, organization, and the ethics of uncanny celebration. Journal of Business Ethics, 161(1), 103–114.

King, S. (1986). It. Viking.

Ortega, K. (Director). (1993). Hocus pocus [Film]. Walt Disney Pictures.

Sileo, F. J. (2019). Snitchy witch (M. Haley, Illus.). Magination Press.

Wonder, S. (1972). Superstition [Song]. On Talking book. Tamla.

  • Parenthetical citations: (Fletcher, 2022; Gordon, 1984; Kelly & Riach, 2020; King, 1986; Ortega, 1993; Sileo, 2019; Wonder, 1972)
  • Narrative citations: Fletcher (2022), Gordon (1984), Kelly and Riach (2020), King (1986), Ortega (1993), Sileo (2019), and Wonder (1972)

Don’t forget: Shockingly detailed handouts and guides are available for free on our Instructional Aids page. And, if you purchase APA Style guides from our site, you’re in for a ghoulishly delicious treat: Shipping is free in the United States and in U.S. territories.