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New reference examples on the APA Style website

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Lee, C. (2020, March 13). New reference examples on the APA Style website. APA Style.

We are proud to announce the debut of new reference examples on the APA Style website!

You’ll learn how to write references and in-text citations for hundreds of different kinds of works in APA Style. You’ll find the most popular examples from Chapter 10 of the Publication Manual, including (but not limited to) journal articles, books, UpToDate articles, YouTube videos, and webpages.

All of the information is available for free, from the experts on APA Style. Explanatory text below the examples addresses reference structure, online and print works, missing reference information, and how to write references for works from academic research databases.

Example organization

Reference examples are presented in the same way as in the seventh edition Publication Manual. For each work, we present its properly formatted APA Style reference along with the accompanying parenthetical and narrative in-text citations.

The easiest way to find the example you need is to search the reference examples index page or to use the search function on the APA Style website.

If you’re browsing examples, here is how to find the example you need:

  • First select the reference group. The four reference groups are textual works, data sets, audiovisual media, and online media.
  • Then select the reference category within the group. For example, the periodicals category is part of the textual works group, and the webpages and websites category is part of the online media group.
  • Then select the reference type within the category. For example, a journal article is part of the periodicals category, and a webpage on a website is part of the webpages and websites category.

But wait, there’s more

The APA Style website also features many reference examples we couldn’t fit in the Publication Manual. You’ll find the following examples and more exclusively on the APA Style website:

We hope that you enjoy the new pages. Please leave a comment with suggestions for other reference examples we could add in the future.