Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS)

graphic of Venn diagram with solid red on the left side, solid blue on the right side, and purple and black stripes in the center

What is APA Style JARS?

APA Style Journal Article Reporting Standards (APA Style JARS) are a set of guidelines designed for journal authors, reviewers, and editors to enhance scientific rigor in peer-reviewed journal articles.


graphic depicting left side of Venn diagram and the words JARS-Quant

Quantitative Research

Use JARS–Quant when you collect your study data in numerical form or report it through statistical analyses.

graphic depicting right side of Venn diagram and the words JARS-Qual

Qualitative Research

Use JARS–Qual when you collect your study data in the form of natural language and expression.

graphic depicting middle of Venn diagram and the words JARS-Mixed

Mixed Methods Research

Use JARS–Mixed when your study combines both quantitative and qualitative methods.

About APA Style JARS

APA Style JARS offer guidelines on what information should be included in all manuscript sections for

  • Quantitative research (JARS–Quant)
  • Qualitative research (JARS–Qual)
  • Mixed Methods research (JARS–Mixed)

Using these standards will make your research clearer and more accurate as well as more transparent for the reader.

For quantitative research, using the standards will increase the reproducibility of science. 

For qualitative research, using these standards will increase the methodological integrity of your research.

Read Editorial: Journal Article Reporting Standards (PDF, 96KB) for more information.

Many aspects of research methodology warrant a close look, and journal editors can promote better methods if we encourage authors to take responsibility to report their work in clear, understandable ways.
—Nelson Cowan, Editor, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Watch a Video About JARS

This video describes and discusses the updated APA Style Journal Article Reporting Standards.