Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS)

graphic of Venn diagram with solid red on the left side, solid blue on the right side, and purple and black stripes in the center

Qualitative Research Design (JARS–Qual)

APA Style JARS for Qualitative Research (JARS–Qual) addresses the increased use of psychological research that produces descriptive, nonnumerical data.

JARS–Qual includes guidelines for manuscripts that report

  • Primary qualitative research
  • Qualitative meta-analyses


For more information on how these standards were created, read Journal Article Reporting Standards for Qualitative Primary, Qualitative Meta-Analytic, and Mixed Methods Research in Psychology (PDF, 163KB)


The JARS–Qual guidelines mark the first time APA Style has included qualitative standards. They outline what should be reported in qualitative research manuscripts to make the review process easier.

These standards can apply to a broad range of social sciences.