Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS)

graphic of Venn diagram with solid red on the left side, solid blue on the right side, and purple and black stripes in the center

Quantitative Research Design (JARS–Quant)

The updated APA Style JARS for Quantitative Research (JARS–Quant) address quantitative studies — studies that rely on measuring variables using a numerical system.

JARS–Quant includes guidelines for manuscripts that report

  • Primary quantitative research
  • Experimental designs
  • Nonexperimental designs
  • Special designs
  • Analytic methods
  • Meta-analyses

In addition, JARS–Quant now divides hypotheses, analyses, and conclusions into primary, secondary, and exploratory groups. This should enhance the readability and replicability of the research.

Providing the information specified in the JARS–Quant guidelines should become routine and minimally burdensome, thereby increasing the transparency of reporting in psychological research.

For more information on how the revised standards were created, read Journal Article Reporting Standards for Quantitative Research in Psychology (PDF, 220KB)


To be used for all quantitative studies


The updated JARS–Quant guidelines expand and revise the types of research methodologies covered in the original JARS, published in 2008.

For more information on how the original standards were created, read Reporting Standards for Research in Psychology (PDF, 120KB).