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This is the Spanish language adaptation of Concise Rules of APA Style, Sixth Edition.

The Concise Rules of APA Style, Sixth Edition offers essential writing and formatting standards for students, teachers, researchers, and clinicians in the social and behavioral sciences. This easy-to-use pocket guide, compiled from the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®, provides complete guidance on the rules of style that are critical for clear communication.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Pocket Reference for Writers

  1. Concise and Bias-Free Writing
  2. Punctuation, Spelling, and Capitalization
  3. Italicizing and Abbreviating
  4. Numbers, Metrication, and Statistics
  5. Displaying Results
  6. Footnotes, Appendices, and Supplemental Material
  7. Crediting Sources
  8. Reference Examples

Appendix: Checklist for Manuscript Submission