APA Style Products Comparison

How does the Concise Rules of APA Style differ from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association?

The Publication Manual remains the best source for broad background information about scientific publishing. In addition to basic style rules, it provides detailed guidance on publication ethics, journal article reporting standards, and the process of journal publication. The Concise Rules, by comparison, targets only the style rules that writers need for choosing the best words and format for their articles. It offers comprehensive advice on essential writing standards in a convenient, lightweight format designed to fit easily into a backpack or briefcase.

What’s the best way to learn APA Style?

Self-study book with instructor’s guide.
We’ve developed two print products that have been classroom-tested and offer the best way to learn and apply the rules of APA Style.  Mastering APA Style: Student’s Workbook and Training Guide, Sixth Edition is a self-pacing, self-teaching workbook that offers instructional exercises and practice tests on such aspects of style as

  • electronic references and citations,
  • grammar,
  • headings,
  • seriation,
  • statistical and mathematical copy,
  • italics and capitalization,
  • numbers style, and
  • table formatting.

The exercises and tests help students master the rules and apply them accurately in term papers and research reports.

Because many instructors are tasked with teaching APA Style, we’ve developed a companion book for them, Mastering APA Style: Instructor’s Resource Guide, Sixth Edition Designed to help improve students’ understanding and use of APA Style, the Instructor’s Guide contains eight multiple-choice assessment surveys, correction keys, and answer sheets, along with informative instructions on how to incorporate this material into a curriculum.

On-line courses.
On-line courses, designed for use with the Publication Manual, provide an in-depth review of key aspects of style.  Detailed examples and section quizzes help readers focus on new material, and end-of-course assessments allow them to test and refine their understanding. 

Brief tutorials.
We’ve developed two brief tutorials to acquaint users with the fundamentals of APA Style.  The Basics of APA Style is intended for new users.  It covers elementary principles of manuscript structure and format, avoiding bias, citing references in text, and formatting references.   A Brief Guide to the Sixth Edition, written for those who are familiar with past editions, provided an overview of new and expanded features in the sixth edition.