This page contains reference examples for blog posts, including the following:

  1. Blog post
  2. Comment on a blog post

1. Blog post

Ouellette, J. (2019, November 15). Physicists capture first footage of quantum knots unraveling in superfluid. Ars Technica.


  • Parenthetical citation: (Ouellette, 2019)
  • Narrative citation: Ouellette (2019)
  • Blog posts follow the same format as journal articles.
  • Italicize the name of the blog, the same as you would a journal title.

2. Comment on a blog post

joachimr. (2019, November 19). We are relying on APA as our university style format - the university is located in Germany (Kassel). So I [Comment on the blog post “The transition to seventh edition APA Style”]. APA Style.


  • Parenthetical citation: (joachimr, 2019)
  • Narrative citation: joachimr (2019)
  • Cite the person who left the comment as the author using the format that appears with the comment (i.e., a real name or a username). The example shows a username.
  • Provide the comment title or up to the first 20 words of the comment; then write “Comment on the blog post” and the full title of post on which the comment appeared (in quotation marks and sentence case, enclosed within square brackets).
  • Link to the comment itself if possible. Otherwise, link to the blog post.

Blog post references are covered in Section 10.1 of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition

Date created: February 2020