This page contains a reference example for a toolbox.

Shi, Y., Ma, X., Ma, Z., Wang, J., Yao, N., Gu, Q., Wang, C., & Gao, Z. (2018). Using a Kinect sensor to acquire biological motion: Toolbox and evaluation. Behavior Research Methods, 50(2), 518–529.


  • Parenthetical citation: (Shi et al., 2018)
  • Narrative citation: Shi et al. (2018)
  • A toolbox is a set of statistical tools that researchers can use to analyze data, for example, to analyze distributions or to perform statistical modeling.
  • To cite a toolbox, cite the work in which the toolbox was published (typically a journal article or conference presentation).
  • Mention the name of the toolbox in the narrative if desired:
    • The Kinect-based biological motion capture (KBC) toolbox allows researchers to capture biological motion information gathered using point-light displays (Shi et al., 2018).

Toolbox references follow the same format as journal articles or conference presentations, which are covered in Sections 10.1 and 10.5, respectively, of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition

Date created: February 2020