The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition

The seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association was published in October 2019. Since then, counterfeit copies of the hardcover, paperback, and spiral-bound versions have been discovered and reported to APA.

Cover of Concise Guide to APA Style, Seventh Edition (medium)

The seventh edition of the Concise Guide to APA Style was published in December 2019 in spiral-bound format. Counterfeit copies also have been discovered and reported to APA.

How do counterfeit books impact you?

To the untrained eye, many aspects of counterfeit copies of the Publication Manual and the Concise Guide appear virtually identical to legitimate copies published by APA. However, counterfeit versions often contain significant formatting and content errors.

These errors not only confuse writers, instructors, researchers, students, and others who are familiar with or are learning APA Style but also undermine the integrity of research and academic writing. Seventh edition guidelines were designed to be consistent and straightforward; errors in counterfeit copies can mean that examples are inconsistent, which makes teaching and learning APA Style more difficult.

How can you determine whether you have an authentic copy?

Carefully check the source from which you are purchasing your Publication Manual or Concise Guide. Many counterfeiters sell their inauthentic copies through online marketplaces, often at prices well below those of legitimate distributors. Also pay attention to the location of the potential source of your Publication Manual or Concise Guide, as copies available from international merchants should be treated with additional scrutiny. Many online marketplaces list merchants’ geographic locations.

If you suspect that your copy may be counterfeit, read the Publication Manual (7th ed.) Counterfeit Identification Guide. It offers useful tips to identify counterfeit reproductions.

Publication Manual (7th ed.) Counterfeit Identification Guide

How do you report a counterfeit version of the Publication Manual or other APA Style books?

If you think you have purchased a counterfeit print version of the Publication Manual, the Concise Guide, or another APA Style book, please email Stop Piracy to report the problem.

In your email, please include

  • your name
  • the title of the book purchased
  • the name of the seller and date of purchase
  • a brief description and/or screenshots of the errors or reasons why you suspect the book is counterfeit

Your report helps APA communicate with third-party vendors to ensure that they acquire and resell only authentic APA books.

What happens after you submit a report?

After you report having purchased a suspected counterfeit book, one of our team members will contact you promptly to discuss your concerns. If the book is indeed a counterfeit copy, you may receive instructions on how to obtain an authentic print version and other advice.

How can you purchase an authentic copy?

To ensure you receive an authentic print copy of the Publication Manual or the Concise Guide, purchase directly from APA or from an APA-approved vendor (e.g., Login Canada, Eurospan, Woodslane). Although many vendors sell authentic APA Style titles, APA does not work directly with them to acquire the books and thus cannot guarantee their authenticity.

Authentic ebook versions of the Publication Manual and the Concise Guide can be purchased directly from the APA-approved vendors VitalSource and RedShelf.

Report a PDF of an APA Style book

APA does not authorize the sale of APA Style books as PDFs. Please email Stop Piracy to report any digital PDF versions of APA Style books. Your report helps APA combat digital piracy and maintain the integrity of its books.

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Date created: April 2021